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British Heritage

The future does not just happen; it is created by those with the vision to shape our future.
The Orro range was conceived to meet a wonderfully simple brief – to create the best and the most stylish bikes for serious riders. At Orro, we produce beautifully engineered carbon fibre bikes and aluminium road bikes at our headquarters in Ditchling at the foot of the Sussex Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty; an inspiration and a perfect testing ground for our bikes. Our manufacturing ethos is driven by 4 core values: Quality; Performance; Innovation; and Style. The standards we aim for are without equal.


Orro make beautiful bikes – born out of a passion for cycling and a vision to make exquisitely crafted bicycles of exceptional quality.

Each ORRO bike is lovingly assembled and finished by hand by our own highly trained mechanics at our assembly facility in Sussex at the foot of Ditchling Beacon, an iconic climb in British cycling - An inspiration and perfect testing ground for our bikes.


We draw on the advanced levels of skills available in Britain for which the country is renowned as the leader in composites technology in industries such as aerospace and F1 – for example, our collaboration with the British carbon producer Sigmatex to use their Spread-Tow Carbon technology in the development of our all new carbon-fibre bikes; Gold STC and STC Signature models. True to the spirit of the traditional art of frame-building, for which Britain has been famous, we develop our own unique Orro Shape Designs – and all our carbon and aluminium high-end road bikes proudly carry our OSD mark as a sign of our quality. And each bike is lovingly finished by hand to meet our exacting standards of quality and refinement. An Orro carbon fibre bike is truly a statement of individuality and style.


At Orro we do not work with wind tunnels, we are unconcerned by marginal gains. Alternatively, we create bicycles with the assistance of nature.  Utilising our native Sussex Downs as the testing ground for our creations – real world performance for real world riders. Every aspect of our bicycles have been specifically chosen to drive you towards your goals, so whether you are looking for a ladies road bike, a endurance road bike, or a lightweight road bike for city commuting, an Orro bike will cultivate passion, and offer support when you’re nearing your limit. Sensible frame designs ward off fatigue prolonging your ride.


Producing bikes that people will lust for, desire and covet is not as simple as merely finishing a spectacular carbon frame with beautiful componentry. We endeavour to work organically, to allow the lines and contours of the frames to speak for themselves. Defying convention we’ve reduced branding, instead allowing our creations to be recognised by quality, style and our signature vein that runs along the underside of the Top Tube. All our Signature carbon fibre bikes are hand painted locally by a highly skilled artisan. Offering a finish that is unrivalled by any other bicycle brand.


All Orro bikes are designed in the heart of Sussex at our dedicated facility at the foot of the hallowed Ditchling Beacon.  Orro is firmly at the forefront of UK bicycle design and manufacture – working with the industry’s leading technicians and mechanics we have championed tapered headtubes, bolt through axles and disc brakes. We utilise the finest materials available to us, and when we cannot find one that we deem sufficient, we develop it ourselves. Orro Carbon Technology (OCT) is a custom blend of carbon fibre that ensures a supple yet responsive ride on all our carbon fibre bikes. In partnership with our oversized downtubes and chainstays, Orro bikes possess a remarkable amount comfort for such efficient bicycles. All components are selected with much deliberation to complement and enhance the frame’s already outstanding characteristics. At Orro, nothing is left to chance.

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